2020-2021 Fees Overview

In 2017, WCSA created an initial all-inclusive fee structure to provide consistency across our age groups and programs as well as reduce the risk of having both Club and Team Fee budgets that commonly risk the ability to control costs.  However, these all-inclusive fees did not cover expenses such as coach travel pay, games requiring hotel accommodations, and/or turf rental fees for OSSL, GLC and State Cup games.  In 2019 our fees were adjusted to cover all incurred costs for a year.  Therefore, the need to solicit additional funds outside of club dues has been eliminated (with an exception for teams wanting additional tournaments or resources not included in the Club Fees).  

Premier teams now participate in the same number of tournaments as Elite teams each season, unlike previous years.  The Premier teams requested additional resources and we have been able to successfully accommodate their wishes for an additional tournament and seasonal turf practice fields.

Payment Processing Fees:  In an effort to provide convenience in terms of paying club fees, WCSA offers an installment plan option.  However, this service is not free of charge and has been exhaustive to the WCSA budget and efforts to provide the best soccer experience possible.  These fees will be added to those families electing to make online payments.  Those fees will not be assessed if making a cash payment.


My child has joined late.  Will their fees be prorated?

It all depends on the month the player joins a team, as well as events and training that have been missed.  Please contact the WCSA Administrator at admin@wcsoccerclub.com for more information.


Is there a refund policy if my child decides not to continue with the Warren County Soccer Academy?

All fees paid are non-refundable for players that quit once their position has been accepted. In the case of a season ending injury, or a relocation greater than 50 miles, fees will be prorated against the remaining season and a refund amount will be given. Requests must be submitted in writing to admin@wcsoccerclub.com.


Are there fundraising options to help reduce my club fee?

Yes, we participate in Kick Cash, Kroger, Amazon & Scrip Fundraising programs. We have several families that cover most if not all of their annual fees with the Scrip Fundraising program. Instructions for how to take advantage of these programs can be found at:  WCSA Fundraising Link.


Is there any financial assistance available?

Yes.  The Warren County Soccer Academy has a Financial Assistance program to assist with a portion of club fees for families, based on financial need.  Details about the program and how to apply can be obtained by going to:  WCSA Financial Assistance.


Why am I being asked to pay a deposit?

Your deposit shows your child’s commitment and secures their position with the team. Failure to pay this deposit can result in the position being offered to another player.

There are no exceptions to this policy.


My child doesn’t play until Spring. Why do I need to follow the set schedule and make payments before they play?

U15 and older teams actually begin their Spring season in the late Fall (November) each year.  There are also many up-front costs associated with your child’s team.  League registration fees, tournament payments and other factors are taken into consideration.  Making your payments in a timely manner will allow us to pay the team expenses and also allow you to space out payments.


Do I have other options besides following the installment plan?

Families have two options for making club payments:

• Fees can be paid all at once upon acceptance.  Payments will need to be paid online via credit card.

• Fees can be financed by making a non-refundable deposit of $200 within 24 hours of the offer being made, and eight payments monthly installments from August – March. Please note if you choose this option, you must sign up for automatic recurring billing with a Visa or MasterCard credit card.

These are the only accepted forms of payment.


When are payments due?

DUE TO THE COVID-19 AFFECTS ON YOUTH SPORTS… WCSA is not collecting the Deposit Fee or other fees until the State of Ohio, US Youth Soccer and the Ohio South Youth Soccer Association approve return to play dates for the sport and supporting organizations.  Once return to play is verified, all player fees will be assessed and charged for 2020-21.

Player fees are broken down into 10 payments:  One deposit and nine (9) additional installments.  A $200 deposit is due upon acceptance of a team position (within 24 hours of being notified that your child has a spot on a team).  Installment payments are due on July 1, August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, and March 1.  Please reference the Fee Structure for exact amounts and what the fees cover.

Failure to pay club fees on time will result in the player being suspended from play for all practices, trainings, games and tournaments.  Upon receipt of payment, the player will be reinstated.  The club Treasurer must be notified in writing in case of circumstances preventing the fulfillment of fee commitments.  Extended payment plans will be considered on a case by case basis.  All payments must be made online via credit card.  The customer is responsible for keeping their credit card on file updated.  If a card is declined for any reason, a processing fee could be added up to $20 per occurrence.


How does this compare to what other clubs are charging?

Clubs in the Cincinnati area and across the United States are instituting All-Inclusive Fee structures.  However, as comparisons are made between WCSA and other clubs, it is important to understand the total offering.

A soccer club that separates the Club Fee from the Team Fee typically advertises a lower price than clubs with all-inclusive fees.  They do not include team tournament fees, league fees, referee fees, turf rentals, Winter training and other expenses incurred.  These clubs push unexpected out-of-pocket expenses $200 - $1,500 more when compared to the WCSA all-inclusive fee. 


Why is Warren County Soccer Academy instituting this Fee Structure?

In the past, families paid two fees:  A Club Fee, which covered administrative costs and training fees, and a Team Fee, which was made to their team and covered tournament costs, league fees, referee fees, indoor practices, and more. The club fees could be paid in regular monthly installments, while the team fees varied between teams and age groups.  The dollar amounts, timing and frequency were not consistent.

Families and team managers complained that two separate budgets made overall budgeting too difficult and not transparent.  The club leadership made the decision to formulate a fee structure that would allow our families an understanding of their team’s full-year program cost. This new structure combines both club and team fees into one payment, allowing families t know the full price they are paying for when they accept their offer to join a WCSA team.